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Vacation in the big city


The Hillbilly Farm: Vacation in the big city

In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm “Vacation in the big city”, Mary Lou, Scooter, Mrs. Yokel and Mr. Yokel are going on vacation and they are going to spend a few days in the big city. So they left the boondocks and arrive at the correct address that Cindy, the city girl, gave to them. It is a nice apartment house and the hillbillies think that they need to climb fifteen floors but Sandy, Cindy’s widowed mother, arrives and she tells hicks to use the elevator. Darlene has not seen Cindy a long time so they celebrate a lot. Mr. Yokel and Scooter realize how hot Sandy is. In the apartment, the hillbillies are welcomed by Cindy… now the big city folks are going to do all they can to reciprocate the reception Cindy got at the farm…

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