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Wonder Woman vandalized


Heroes: Wonder Woman vandalized

In this heroes porn “Wonder Woman vandalized”, meanwhile in Kasnia, Vandal Savage, the immortal supervillain, has captured Wonder Woman trying to stop the wedding and now he is thinking what to do with her. Savage knows that Diana can endure any kind of torture he can come up with. So the villain blackmails the heroine telling her if she does not suffer the torture, her best friend, Princess Audrey, is the one will suffer.

Now Diana must obey him or he will see how much Audrey will be able to endure. Without the handcuffs, the Woman thinks to beat him to death but his men will do the same to Princess Audrey. Savage knows that Diana is resilient for torture, so it is time for humiliation… sex humiliation! Then Diana gets naked and Savage will take advantage of this situation! Maybe the Wonder Woman will be enjoying herself before she knows it.