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The stepfather


Cartoon Porn: The stepfather

In this cartoon porn “The stepfather”, Philip and Janice are a passionate couple and they have been together since Janice was a teenager. Unfortunately, Philip answers the telephone and it is his family doctor warning him Donald, his father, had a mild heart attack. Philip is going to go to the hospital to pick Donald up.

Now the sick old man is going to need to come stay with his son and his stepdaughter. The doctor said that Donald needs to rest and someone needs to take care of him. But Philip is going to travel for work, so Janice is the one who will take care of Donald. In the first day, Janice brings Donald some soup, but when she bends over and he sees her big boobs, the rascal old man pretends to be sick and wants a bath. Janice takes his clothes off and a huge hard-on appears… In fact, Donald has always wanted to fuck her because he knows Janice is a hot slut who deserves a big cock.

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