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My friend’s mom


Cartoon Porn: My friend’s mom

In this cartoon porn “My friend’s mom”, my name is Dylan and I am 19 years old. My best friend is Jody, who is also 19 years old. My relationship with Jody is old because we have been friends since we were two kids. In spite of our friendship is real, what I most like in Jody is his mother Emily. A hot divorced milf that I have wanted to fuck her since I saw her for the first time. 

A fuck exhibitionist blondie who likes to show off her big tits. I definitely love her and make up some excuses in order to see her all the time! Jody has not noticed my crush on his mother and I take the opportunity to go to his house whenever I can go there. Divorced, I hope that she has not fucked since her divorce. Again, I am going to Jody’s house in order to fuck that milf Emily… maybe it happens this time!