A tick in the butt

28801 5 years IN: The Hillbilly Farm , Tufos
The Hillbilly Farm: A tick in the butt In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm "A tick in the butt", it is almost dark and Mary Lou is riding the pet donkey toward her home. The beast is really lazy so they are going real slow. The hick girl wears a super-short miniskirt that lets her ass make direct contact with the donkey’s filthy fur. Because of this contact, now Mary Lou has a jabbing pain in her butt. Once her butt is itching like hell, the girl is showing her buttocks to the whole farm so Darlene invites Mary Lou to go inside so that Darlene can look at it up close. Darlene thinks that it must be a mosquito bite and she takes Mary Lou's panties off for a better look. Jebadiah arrives to see what all confusion is that and he sees Mary Lou all naked... now it is him to help the ladies what is stinging Mary Lou's nice ass! Check out more The Hillbilly Farm stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.

A tick in the butt A tick in the butt A tick in the butt A tick in the butt A tick in the butt

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