Payment checkpoint

12678 5 years IN: Brazilian Slumdogs
Brazilian Slumdogs: Payment checkpoint In this episode of Brazilian Slumdogs "Payment checkpoint", it is morning in the slum and Dado, a dangerous drug dealer, guards the entrance of favela as always because everybody needs to go through his checkpoint in order to enter in the favela. Josy, the Brazilian Slumdog street vendor, does not know about this situation and climbs the stairs of the favela, so she is approached by Dado who wants to know what she has in her bag. The hot dark-skinned woman shows panties that she sells to women in the community. But for her to sell things in his slum, the Dado commands Josy to pay a commission to him. They go to his place to resolve this situation, but she does not have money... so Dado will find another way for her to pay him! Check out more Brazilian Slumdogs stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.

Payment checkpoint Payment checkpoint Payment checkpoint Payment checkpoint

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