Família Sacana

Soccer in Maracanã Stadium


Brazilian Slumdogs: Soccer in Maracanã Stadium

In this episode of Brazilian Slumdogs “Soccer in Maracanã Stadium”, it is soccer game Sunday in Maracanã Stadium and Ludmila, Uélito, Benê Silva, and Karol are going to see the game in a football stadium Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro. Ludmila hates soccer and does not understand anything about the sport. However the soccer is everything for Benê Silva, so he does not want to miss the big game. Wearing some skimpy clothes, Ludmila does not notice her clothes are indecent for a soccer stadium. The game begins and ten minutes into the game, Ludmila celebrates a goal from the opposing team. Some men do not like her attitude once she is in the wrong stands. Now Ludmila and Benê Silva are screwed!

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