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Bills to pay


Brazilian Slumdogs: Bills to pay

In this episode of Brazilian Slumdogs “Bills to pay”, late at night and Benê Silva can’t get to sleep because he is worried about the bills he has to pay. The man does not have a job and his odd jobs pay him a pittance. Studying until late, Karol goes to the kitchen to drink a cup of water and realizes that there is someone moping in the kitchen. Karol sees Benê Silva distressed and asks him why he has not gone to bed. Benê tells her all bills have gone up in price and he can’t pay them. Moved, Karol does not want to see Benê like that and asks him to relax and try to sleep. Wearing a transparent nightgown, Karol hugs the man in order to console him… her touch is going to help him in a different way definitely.

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