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Stealing chocolates


The Naughty Home: Stealing chocolates

In this episode of The Naughty Home “Stealing chocolates”, Mrs. Fuker and Andy are doing the grocery shopping for the month and Mary is grateful for Andy to be with her. However, the young man hates supermarkets but during the shopping, he soon changes his mind once he notices that the supermarket is full of hot housewives. So Andy takes advantage to look at big butts, panties, bras, deep cleavages and big boobs. Andy is enjoying the view and when he sees Mrs. Fuker’s panties, the nerd can’t resist and has a big boner in the middle of the supermarket. A security guard from the supermarket sees a big bulge in Andy’s shorts and as he also holds a chocolate bar, the security thinks the kid stuck another chocolate bar down his shorts… so this may not end well!

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