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Mrs. Fuker in the Olympics


The Naughty Home: Mrs. Fuker in the Olympics

In this episode of The Naughty Home “Mrs. Fuker in the Olympics”, Mr. Fuker and the children don’t stay at home. The housekeeper and the old man Baker have gone to doctor’s appointment. So Mary Fuker is home alone and bored. The only thing for her to do is to watch TV. When Mrs. Fuker turns on the TV, she watches the 100-meter dash at the Summer Olympics Games. Full of lust upon seeing the fast Bolt, she decides to get her pink dildo in order to have fun a little.

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While Bolt breaks another record, Mary is about to cum nice and good but the doorbell rings and interrupts her plans. When she answers the door and sees that the delivery man looks like Bolt, Mary Fuker is going to take advantage of it.

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