The Simptoons

Heroine Belle Sextoy


Cartoon Porn: Heroine Belle Sextoy

In this cartoon porn “Heroine Belle Sextoy”, thinking to help out the minorities and the less fortunate, the Heroine Southern Belle decides to take part in the 1st annual “New Look for the Neighborhood Charity”, a reality television that shows a celebrity in a barbershop undergoing an extreme makeover. The hairdressing speaks to the heroine to lean back in her chair and relax once the TV show is about to start.

Still wondering to be in a good cause, Mrs. Belle sits in the comfortable chair and waits for the makeover. The hairdressing affirms to be necessary to adjust the chair but in fact, the heroine is stuck in a kind of freaky electric chair. So what was supposed to be a common TV show, it is now a weird reality television and Mrs. Belle realizes she is merely a sextoy.