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Slave of sex


Cartoon Porn: The Queen – Slave of sex

In this cartoon porn “The Queen – Slave of sex”, in the Sahara Desert, the voluptuous Queen Farah and her Royal Guard are going to Thebes. In their road, they arrive in a village in front of the Giza pyramid complex congratulating the citizens. The Lady Farah is calm and only thinks to reach Thebes before that night. But something awful happens: a massive attack from some servants of the god known as Anubis, once they are the protectors of pyramids. The Royal Guard is defeated easily and everyone is killed by the servants. Except for the Queen, who falls from her throne. Lady Farah passes out and wakes up in a dark cave, probably inside the Giza pyramid. She soon realizes why they want her alive. From Queen to slave, now Lady Farah must get used to their sexual pleasures!

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