Clearing the brush

20127 5 years IN: The Hillbilly Farm , Tufos
The Hillbilly Farm: Clearing the brush In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm "Clearing the brush", Mrs. Yokel is busy with her farm chores but suddenly she needs to pee. The hick woman realizes that there is no time for her to get to the outhouse so she decides to pee right there in the woods. After her relief, Darlene notices how hairy her pussy is once she has worked so much. Mrs. Yokel needs to take care of herself so she decides to cut the hair of her pussy. But Darlene can't find her scissors so she asks Scooter to help her look for them. The lazy redneck is napping so Mrs. Yokel needs to show her hairy pussy in order to call his attention! Check out more The Hillbilly Farm stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.

Clearing the brush Clearing the brush Clearing the brush Clearing the brush Clearing the brush

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