Vacation in the big city (Part 02)

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The Hillbilly Farm: Vacation in the big city (Part 02) In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm "Vacation in the big city (Part 02)", Cindy has invited Scooter and Mary Lou to go to a shopping mall. Once there, the rednecks are astonished because they have never gone to the mall. Cindy decides to take them to a lingerie store. Scooter can't hold himself with so much temptation in one place. The girls pick some lingerie to try on, usually small ones. So they try them on in the dressing room and Scooter goes wild by seeing Mary Lou and Cindy each time the girls try on the pieces of lingerie! Check out more The Hillbilly Farm stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.

Vacation in the big city (Part 02) Vacation in the big city (Part 02)

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