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They start to love


Heroes: They start to love

In this heroes porn “They start to love”, after spending a day buying things at West City, Chichi and Bulma are going back to their homes full of presents. Bulma is happy to give her husband Vegeta what she bought that day. Knowing Goku and Vegeta are in their training, there are two criminal guys spying on the girls in order to kidnap the owner of Capsule Corp Bulma. The leader takes Bulma by the arm but Chichi hits the baddy in his face. A wounded leader gets even furious and the girls are safe for now. Then it is time to call the rest of the gang in order to surround Chichi and Bulma. Now they are easily caught by the group. The plan was to kidnap Bulma, but now the gang is going to have a party with this ladies. Because of her boldness by hitting the leader, Chichi will be the center of the party but Bulma will soon be a part of the party. A forced party… but the ladies start to love…

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