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The sting


Cartoon Porn: The sting

In this cartoon porn “The sting”, Ebilenio is with a big problem and must see a doctor urgently. And because of his problem, he thinks he should be attended by a man. But Dr. Olavo had to miss today and now Ebilenio is going to have to be attended by a woman. He is embarrassed to show his trouble so the Doctor is thinking Ebilenio does not trust in a woman and she is feeling offended by it. The Doctor thinks they are wasting time so Ebilenio, even feeling a little uncomfortable with the situation, realizes that he is behaving like a child and decides to show her “his big problem”: Ebilenio takes his shorts off then a big dick shows up! The Doctor just says “Holy shit” by seeing that impressive cock. This is an unusual allergic reaction because Ebilemio was fishing and he was attacked by bees. He does not know what to do so he decided to seek medical attention. The Doctor has not seen one that big and, as her mouth watered, an alternative medical procedure begins…

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