The shameless donkey

25575 4 years IN: The Hillbilly Farm , Tufos
The Hillbilly Farm: The shameless donkey In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm "The shameless donkey", after having breakfast with Mrs. Yokel, Mary Lou wants to advantage of the beautiful day and go for a ride on the donkey. Once Mary had a tick in the butt previously due to the donkey’s filthy fur, Mrs. Yokel recommends the hick girl to brush the animal first. So in order to take the ticks off, Mary Lou brushes the donkey’s fur. But she drops the brush and bends over to take it. The donkey can't control that pleasure sight so the animal has an erection suddenly. Bent over, Mary Lou sees the donkey's big member and can't resist and takes it. Salivating, the girl does not know what to do but Mr. Yokel arrives to end Mary Lou's fun. Check out more The Hillbilly Farm stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.

The shameless donkey The shameless donkey The shameless donkey The shameless donkey The shameless donkey

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