Família Sacana

The movie theater


Cartoon Porn: The movie theater

In this cartoon porn “The movie theater”, Erica and her dandy husband Ted are watching a movie together. Ted is loving the movie that shows a woman who cheats on her husband for the first time and her husband does not notice her betrayal. Erica is thinking the movie is boring. In the middle of the movie, Erica feels someone to touch her legs, a hand raising her skirt. She sees a handsome man who is almost touching her panties. The bold stranger goes further and takes Erica’s arm in order to put it on his cock. Erica resists but when she grabs his massive cock, Erica feels her pussy dripping wet and she only wants to put that cock meat in her mouth. Ted pays attention to the movie and does not realize what his wife is doing. As Erica is a slut and Ted is a moron, the stranger invites Erica to go to the men’s room so as to fuck her… Erica goes to the men’s room and Ted is paying attention to the movie. The life definitely imitates art!