The magic pill

32417 4 years IN: Old Geezers of the Park
Old Geezers of the Park: The magic pill In this episode of Old Geezers of the Park “The magic pill”, during a game of chess in the park, Zeke admits to his friend, Norb, he is fed up with the old man's life because there are a lot of women in the park and he can't do anything. Zeke really misses his younger years - when he slept with many girls. On the other hand, Norb tells Zeke he still fucks all of them. Laughing, Zeke does not believe in Norb as Norb can't even walk without his cane. Then Norb shows the secret: a magic pill! Zeke has never believed in those things... Norb swallows the pill, and now he is going to have to prove this pill works!!! Check out more Old Geezers of the Park stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.

The magic pill The magic pill The magic pill The magic pill

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