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Teach me all about sex


Hentai: Teach me all about sex

In this hentai “Teach me all about sex”, Ririka is called to the counseling room once she has brought an Ero Dvd to school. But when Manoto, her teacher, asks her why she has brought it, Ririka knows Manoto very well and even claims that dvd would be one of his dvds. 

Once Ririka thinks that she is his girlfriend, the student goes further and says to him that he should not be jerking off to movies when he already has got a girlfriend. Sweating, Manoto is evasive saying to her that she is his student but he lets it slip that they can’t go at it whenever they want. So Ririka is right, Manoto also desires her… Ririka takes advantage of that situation to show her tit asking for him to teach her all about sex. Could it be that Manoto will continue not to give attention to her?