Família Sacana

Taking by the horns


Cartoon Porn: Taking by the horns

In this cartoon porn “Taking by the horns”, helping a defenseless lady, who is about to be eaten by a cragworm, the 03 bulls friends need to attack the bug in order to save the girl. Mission completed because the monster fled and the lady is saved. But the girl was thrown into a slime so she is all wet and icky. The lady is worry because she thinks the beast can come back. But one of the friends, Longhorn, thinks she does not need to worry because the bug shall not return. So Longhorn introduces himself, and his friends Bullhog and Scruffy to Kandi, a woman little devil. Kandi’s dress is slimy and she does not want to go around dirty so the woman gets naked to wash her clothes. She thinks the guys should do the same but they do not want to do it. But once the bulls have helped her, the least she can do for them is to wash their clothes… and who knows to milk their “udders”?!

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