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Surprise in the bathroom


The Naughty Home: Surprise in the bathroom

In this episode of The Naughty Home “Surprise in the bathroom”, after a tiring day at work, Mr. Fuker comes home to relax. The man sees Anna and he asks her where Mrs. Fuker is. His wife went to the supermarket with Andy so Charles and Anna are home alone. Exhausted, Charles just wants to take a shower and go to sleep. But since Andy is not at home, Mr. Fuker borrows one of his porn magazines. Already in the bathroom, Charles decides to jerk-off to relax looking at pictures of the eighteen years old girls from the NymphAss magazine. Meanwhile, Anna answers the phone and now she needs to tell Mr. Fuker the mess Andy did at the supermarket. So Anna comes into the bathroom without knocking, catching Mr. Fuker with his big dick in his hand!

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