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Surprise guest


Hentai: Surprise guest

In this hentai “Surprise guest”, Naoto has been in a long-distance relationship with Momoka but today it is time for him to meet her personally. Then Naoto gets into her house in order to surprise her. It is 11 o’clock when Momoka arrives at her home from a sushi-bar. She is accompanied by Mister Suzuki and Mister Yamamoto and everyone seems to be drunk.

Mister Suzuki even is afraid to come in her house because he knows that she has a boyfriend, but Momoka just does not seem to care about it for now! Hidden, Naoto starts realizing the guys together with her. And Naoto starts realizing that her girlfriend is a slut who will be fucked by the crazy guys. Definitely, this surprise guest is the one will be taken by surprise!

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