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Strip poker


Cartoon Porn: Strip poker

In this cartoon porn “Strip poker”, the friends Herbie, Derrick and John play Texas hold ’em monthly at Herbie’s house. And tonight, Steve is joining the fellas for their game. The game is in the middle but it is interrupted when Herbie’ wife shows up. The guys see an amazing blondie wearing just a transparent nightgown. Lexi wants to talk Herbie because she needs him to run to the pharmacy. Despite the poker, Lexi insists with Herbie and promises if he goes he will have a special treat that night. Upset, Herbie goes to the pharmacy and lets his wife with his friends. Alone with 3 men, Lexi puts on a tiny top and short shorts jeans and returns to the living room to resume the game. As that blondie seems to be a slut, Derrick is going to take the opportunity to suggest Lexi raise the stakes a little: Let’s play a strip poker?!

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