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Still Ms. Cross


Cartoon Porn: Still Ms. Cross

In this cartoon porn “Still Ms. Cross”, college is still the most boring place on Earth. Especially now that I do not have Ms. Cross’ class. Fucking Ms. Cross was awesome, but I have not seen her since last semester. I would give anything to fuck her again. After blackmailed her, I thought I would be arrested or expelled from the college, but my final grade was A C. Nowadays I love talking dirty things with a married woman, although it is not big deal, it is what I am doing now. But, to my luck again, Ms. Cross is in front of me, showing her enormous tits and her light cameltoe. Curious, she wants to know whom I am texting. After she says “another married woman”, I find out Ms. Cross is married. And… it is weird but her boyfriend comes here with us too. A blond guy who, apparently, fucked his intern and because of it, they broke up. A fight begins… and now I am “her boyfriend” and I have a big dick?! The show finishes and now I have to go to a soiree. What do not I do for her tits???

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