Família Sacana

Smidgen of pleasure


Heroes: Smidgen of pleasure

In this heroes porn “Smidgen of pleasure”, Strider was captured by Grandmaster Meio so now the hero is about to die. But demonstrating mercy, Grandmaster Meio allows Strider one last smidgen of earthly pleasure before Strider perishes. The villain sends a slave-temp from an escort service to give Strider his last farewell. Strider is in a locked room and is stuck with manacles, which together with door locks are charged with one billion volts. With him is Syx, the sex-slave. Strider tells Syx that he has an escape plan: a DNA proximity fuse will short out the entire complex if his DNA reaches that nullifier. But Strider is stuck in a bed and the bomb is twenty feet up, so the only way his DNA can reach the bomb is with his ejaculate. His ninja-trained penis muscle is strong enough but he needs an intense stimulation in order to accomplish his goal. Considering the slave-girl Syx’s abuse, Strider wonders to forget all, but Syx only thinks to do their “plan a”. However, there comes a new challenger… will Strider able to accomplish “ejaculate plan” and escape after a good sex?

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