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Relaxing massage


Cartoon Porn: Relaxing massage

In this cartoon porn “Relaxing massage”, after a long week of work and school, Makoto finally arranges an appointment for some relaxing massage. Makoto is not used to getting a massage, but he wants a massage for relaxation. The boy, who has turned 18, likes to be naked mainly due to his enormous dick and a massage session is a perfect place to take his clothes off. A sweet but ugly lady says that her daughter, Jackie, will see Makoto in room 13 and Makoto wonders if they offer a happy ending. The masseuse comes… a rounded-butt, big tits red-haired girl. Makoto can be right because this business seems to offer something else than a massage once the massage table has an extra hole, which works well for him. The girl, taking advantage of the hole, decides to look at Makoto’s dick so she gets speechless. She bends over to have a better look and Makoto realizes that freckled girl will give a happy ending for him!

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