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Pick up a black guy


Interracial: Pick up a black guy

In this interracial porn “Pick up a black guy”, my name is Chris and I am married with an awesome blondie, her name is Leanne. She is sex addicted and always wants it more. I can’t follow her sex hungry and I know that I can’t satisfy her because I have a small penis and she always complains about that. One day we were watching TV, while I was receiving a handjob, and Leanne said: “We should go to a bar and you can let me pick up a black guy so I can bring him back and fuck his brains out!”. I just laughed but I liked that idea so I made her a deal… if any black guy shows up at the bar that we go usually, she can bring him home and bang him. She has found Jamal and Ben… now I want to see the show from my slut!

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