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My neighbor’s hot wife


Cartoon Porn: My neighbor’s hot wife

In this cartoon porn “My neighbor’s hot wife”, Frank Pinkus and his wife Valerie are trying to do their things, but their new neighbors are making noise because they are fucking like animals. Valerie tells Frank that they came over with cookies that morning and are a young newlywed couple. Excited by that loudness, Frank wants to fuck Valerie, but the madam is “tired”. In the following morning, Frank finally meets the noisy neighbors: Kirk Hamilton and his wife Jenna. Wearing a short skirt, Frank sees how Jenna is stunning. Once in his work, Frank is teaching math to his students when the dean interrupts his class: They have a new student for his class… it is his neighbor’s hot young wife! Thinking she screamed all last night and how she is the hottest little thing he has ever laid his eyes on, Frank can’t resist and imagines Jenna’s blowjob. So Frank has a boner in the middle of the class… now he must relieve himself quickly!

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