Milking the cow

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The Hillbilly Farm: Milking the cow In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm "Milking the cow", Mrs. Yokel wakes up early in the morning and she goes to the barn in order to milk the cow Mimosa. Darlene hates to do this but it is needed. The hick Scooter has missed this moment several times but today he also wakes up early to spy on Darlene milking the cow. Scooter arrives at the barn and Darlene has just started her job. Check out more The Hillbilly Farm stories. To see closer, the hick boy looks for a better place and hides behind a haystack. Scooter can see Darlene's hot ass and now he needs to jerk off right there. Darlene hears a strange noise, which she has already heard before. Now Darlene is going to see what sound is that! Click here and see the full story on the official website.

Milking the cow Milking the cow Milking the cow Milking the cow Milking the cow
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