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Marriage counselor (Part 02)


Interracial: Marriage counselor (Part 02)

In this interracial comic “Marriage counselor (Part 02)”, with Tracy sleeping in trance, the nymphomaniac Dr. Hartley gets what she wants: an insane Bobby fucking her like a jailed man ready to fuck a delightful white pussy after years. Now Dr. Hartley thinks it is time they take their therapy session to next phase and she orders Bobby to awake from his trance. In the first moment, Bobby does not understand what happened, but the Doctor explains everything: Bobby acted like a prisoner crazy about sex that had just got out of a prison. Astounded, Bobby wants to know why his wife is still sleeping and the insatiable Dr. Hartley tells Bobby the reason: She wants him to fuck her again! Showing her pink pussy, Dr. Hartley gives him a choice: To stop the session and the fights with his wife continue or to fuck her again? Bobby chooses option B and now he will take advantage of Dr. Hartley’s counseling session in many ways…

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