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Marriage counselor (Part 01)


Interracial: Marriage counselor (Part 01)

In this interracial comic “Marriage counselor (Part 01)”, Tracy shares with her friend that she has had several big fights with her husband Bobby. Always there is something to cause a discussion between them. This time Tracy hated to see a woman posting some comments on his Facebook page. Bobby said this woman is just a coworker but Tracy does not believe him.

Tracy’s friend tells Tracy that a marriage counselor worked wonders once her boyfriend used to feel so relaxed after a session with Dr. Hartley so Tracy’s friend advises Tracy that they should try it too. Annoyed, Bobby comes along with Tracy to see Dr. Hartley. The Doctor introduces herself and Bobby just notices how beautiful and sexy Hartley is – a blonde wearing a short skirt and big tits in a deep cleavage. Tracy tells Dr. Hartley why they have fought, especially they have not had sex, and Dr. Hartley proposes a new method of treatment by using hypnosis. Then the nymphomaniac Dr. Hartley puts the couple in a trance and uses Bobby like she wants… now on her command, Bobby will be a sex craved convict who just got out of prison and is ready to fuck the first white woman he sees!

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