Lust in the library

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In this episode of College Perverts "Lust in the library", Brad is explaining to his girlfriend, the popular girl Karen, that he needs to study for his tomorrow's test because if he gets another "F", the coach is going to kick him off the team. The coach also forbids Brad to drink alcohol anymore. Pissed off once Karen wants to have some fun, the blondie girl leaves her boyfriend and goes to the bar with her friends. In the library, Brad is trying to understanding maths, but Julie notices Brad is a real idiot. So the redhead girl offers him help. 

Lust in the library Lust in the library Lust in the library Lust in the library

Brad accepts her help and, after a half hour studying, Brad's presence leaves Julie dumb with lust. With her pussy leaking, Julie has to find a way to relieve her lust so the redhead girl gets out from his presence and starts to masturbate! Check out more College Perverts stories. Click here and see the full story on the official website.


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