Família Sacana

Lessons From The Neighbor


Interracial: Lessons From The Neighbor

In this interracial cartoon “Lessons From The Neighbor”, it’s a quiet day in Megan’s neighborhood. Her husband is at work and she had no chores to finish. She decides to sunbathe in her yard for a while. Megan has just changed into her bikini when she hears the sound of trucks rolling up her street. So Megan has new neighbors and she decides to get down and say hello.

She greets Betina, who insists that Megan comes in to meet her husband, Jamal. Megan realizes that Jamal is enormous. Jamal hosts a radio show called “Love doctor”, where he offers relationship advice, just “the doctor of love” as she says. A few days later, feeling a distinct lack of spice in her marriage, Megan decides to ask Betina for some advice. But Betina is going to work and Jamal is the one who will help Megan!

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