Família Sacana

Immigration Patrol Sex


Interracial: Immigration Patrol Sex

In this interracial cartoon “Immigration Patrol Sex”, the ICE special agents, Ronald and Jason, are about to kick the door because they have received a call about a crime that menaces the national security. A house where supposedly a couple of Russian dangerous spies live hidden. They enter the house and get what they have searched: the couple is caught by surprise defenseless. The Russians are lying down and, to make things better, they are naked. Ronald goes toward the woman but the man threatens the agent. Jason backs up his partner and aims his gun at the spy. Freaked out, the woman swears to do anything they want.

Already horny with the busty woman, Ronald takes advantage and proposes a deal: if the Russian girl sucks and fucks him and his partner, they can let the spies away. Despite the man that fights against it, the woman accepts it right away. So Ronald shows her a huge dick ready to be sucked. She is astonishment… and crazy to be fucked by that hung men!

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