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How about that second date?


Cartoon Porn: How about that second date?

In this cartoon porn “How about that second date?”, walking at the campus, Buck and Wendy are going to set a frat party but they see Raylene in trouble. It looks like Raylene’s relationship is over but her boyfriend is nervous because of he does not want to break up with her. Buck needs to interfere in their discussion and Raylene’s ex-boyfriend goes away from there. Raylene appreciates his help and Buck takes advantage of that situation to introduce himself. So Buck invites Raylene to have lunch with him. As Raylene owes him, she accepts just one lunch. At the college bistro, Buck hugs Raylene but she thinks Jake is one who has hugged her, so she yells at Buck. Then Buck realizes that they must start all over again and he is going to take Raylene to a place fun. Now Raylene will be able to forget Jake and spend the night with him!

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