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His teacher


Cartoon Porn: His teacher

In this cartoon porn “His teacher”, Mrs. Lala has been a tough day at her school because she did not deal well with her new students. Despite she lives in a good neighboorhood, she takes up a teaching position at a High School in a poverty-stricken, racially segregated, economically deprived city. As Mrs. Lala had a bad start in her first class, she talks to Darule, the students’ leader, he could stop by her house. To her surprise, Darule shows up in her house at the dinner and Mrs. Lala ends up inviting Darule to eat with her and her missing husband, Jake. Jake should be home but he is even not answering his phone. The teacher is worried about Jake’s disappearance but Darule calms down her saying they live in a good neighboorhood. So the teacher and her student start the dinner but when she thanks him, Darule takes advantage and orders her to stand up… because he knows that Jake will not come back home so it is only two of them alone!

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