Família Sacana

Hellish heat


The Hillbilly Farm: Hellish heat

In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm “Hellish heat”, it is a really hot day on the farm and Scooter is clearing brush. The Sun is at high noon so this is melting Scooter’s brain. So the redneck decides to take a dip in order to refresh himself. Meanwhile, a few feet away, Daisy Lee and her mother, Mrs. Hicks, are washing clothes on the bank of the stream. The ladies realize there is a man swimming, and Daisy Lee notices it is Scooter. The girl calls Scooter over to join her and now she wants a kiss. Scooter does not want to leave the creek because he is naked, but Daisy Lee asks Scooter to hide his dick and come together with her. Now Mrs. Hicks starts to see the debauchery from the young couple!

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