Família Sacana

He overslept


Interracial: He overslept

In this interracial comic “He overslept”, it is late at night and the couple, Harold and Nancy, are in the bedroom thinking about the future. He is reading a book after a boring day at the school and Nancy is finishing her make up. The doorbell rings and Nancy gets angry with it because they are about to sleep. Thinking guest would not come, Harold remembers that he invited a student called Richard to celebrate student’s graduation. Nancy receives Richard wearing just a short, transparent nightgown. And when Nancy decides to make them some tea, Richard gives a pat on her butt. Nancy does not like his boldness but even so she delivers them some tea and goes to bed. The door of her room knocks and Nancy thinks it is Harold, but it is Richard holding Harold passed out… because she does not know what Richard did to Harold overslept in order to stay alone with her!

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