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Going to pee late at night


The Hillbilly Farm: Going to pee late at night

In this episode of The Hillbilly Farm “Going to pee late at night”, at hot night, Mary Lou drinks a lot of water before going to sleep. Darlene even warns Mary Lou for her not to drink so much water or Mary Lou is going to wet her bed. But the young hick does not listen to the older woman. A few hours later, late at night, Mary Lou wakes up needing to pee urgently, so she has to go to the outhouse. The girl is afraid to go out there at this hour, but she has no choice because she really has to piss. Mary Lou goes to the outhouse, takes a leak and thinks she was silly to be scared. But she was right because it seems to be Saci together her and he steals her shorts… What does Mary Lou do now?

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