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Getting hammered


Cartoon Porn: Getting hammered

In this cartoon porn “Getting hammered”, the hot Little Elf Syx is looking for the Breaker Brothers at the bar called Bent Nail, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Rickard, Syx’s boss, wants to hire the Brothers because they are known as the best warriors in that region so he expects that the job is done that night. But the Little Elf’s big tits draw attention to the Breakers and the Brothers want to fuck her. First, the Elf wanna go away but the Brothers force her into a corner saying that she is scared of their huge cocks so the hot Elf gives them what they want. At least, she chooses to go upstairs but the Brothers want to fuck her in the middle of the tavern and now they are going to show her how real men fuck! But Rickard’s plan does not want the Brothers as warriors because he knows the show that Syx can offer.

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