Getting a suntan (Part 01)

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In this episode of The Naughty Home "Getting a suntan (Part 01)", on a hot sunny day, the girls are taking advantage of the Sun to get a tan near the pool. Practicing topless, Mrs. Fuker tells Anna about how the life has been tough that morning. Anna agrees with (mom) Mary's speech as she is also enjoying the Sun calmly. Check out more The Naughty Home stories. In his room, Andy is spying on them and going wild with Mrs. Fuker's breasts hanging out. 

Getting a suntan (Part 01) Getting a suntan (Part 01) Getting a suntan (Part 01) Getting a suntan (Part 01) Getting a suntan (Part 01)

Anna has gotten too much Sun so she decides to go to take a cold shower.  Andy realizes now is his chance and goes to Mrs. Fuker with a suntan lotion in his hand. She thinks it is a good idea once she can't reach the back of her body... Andy is who is going to rub it on her! Click here and see the full story on the official website.


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