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Genetic destiny


Cartoon Porn: Genetic destiny

In this cartoon porn “Genetic destiny”, Jake Roberts has spent years preparing for this moment and now it all comes down to this. Jake has got a secret and he will act like an entrepreneur of a company which researches genetic modification. Jake is doing this for a purpose: he wants a few minutes face-to-face with the executive at an investment firm Melanie Duke in order to show his real interest. Miss Melanie soon realizes Jake is totally fake and asks Jake what he is doing there. Jake tells Melanie the truth: 10 years ago, a woman named Maiden Maxx launched a website and Jake was infected with an unquenchable desire for her. Despite that website closed after a year, Jake has investigated and, to his surprise, he found out Maiden Maxx is Melanie Duke. So either Melanie lets Jake have his way or Melanie’s secret is tomorrow’s headline. But Jake is not Melanie’s first obsessed fan so Jake must use his trump card: his genetic gift is the extreme which Maiden Maxx wants!