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Extra credit


Cartoon Porn: Extra credit

In this cartoon porn “Extra credit”, the teacher Mr. White is giving back the final exam to his students in order to show them their grades. Some of them did well and some of them did not. Mr. White informs them that if they have any questions, they can see him after class. The professor gives the final exam to Shakesha and once she gets a straight-F, Mr. White wants to see her alone after class. The hot brown girl can’t believe it because if she does not get a passing grade, she will not graduate. The student asks the professor if there is something she can do to improve her grade. With a beautiful cleavage and showing her big tits, Shakesha says to Mr. White that she does anything, just name it. Right away Mr. White understands the little slut… and maybe she can do a little extra credit!

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