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Dirty homeless


Cartoon Porn: Dirty homeless

In this cartoon porn “Dirty homeless”, the city economy has fallen to a record low 23% unemployment so growing numbers of the long unemployed have gathered. It is the time the fortunate people stop sitting idly by and do something about it! So Angie, a good girl, has an idea: she asks her housemaid to bring as much food as possible in order to give it to homeless from downtown. By helping the poor guys, Angie is wearing a short top and tiny jeans. Obviously, the men go wild with Andie. The girl serves food to a blind guy, who seems to have been a veteran of Vietnam. But when Cornelius Bennett tries to catch the meal, he catches Angie’s big tits thinking they are sweet buns. Angie realizes her chance to really make a difference… now Angie is going to do some things Mr. Bennett will truly appreciate.

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