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Cut! Great work, Goku!


Heroes: Cut! Great work, Goku!

In this heroes porn “Cut! Great work, Goku!”, Goku meets two amazingly youthful-looking girls called Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami. Fooling, Goku says that they could be hot mamas. Asuka gives back saying Goku is so ordinary and he used to be a big deal. But the three of them are there for one purpose: they are going to record a porno movie! Master Roshi is the director and the plot is classic: two women pretending to be two girls in junior high are going to meet their hunky older gym teacher. The girls should work up a sweat and but, in the warm-up, the girls get so winded. So the teacher must reprove them. The student does anything to pass this course and takes his pants off, beginning an extra credit project. The other student also wants to pass… so the best of the scene begins!

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