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Cuckold by the inmate


Interracial: Cuckold by the inmate

In this interracial porn “Cuckold by the inmate”, the warden loves his job but it has been a tough time at his work recently. The violence among prisoners has increased and drugs also are a big trouble. His superiors are imposing him to solve these problems but his attempts have not stopped the problems at his prison. The warden goes home every night complaining to his wife about the stress it has caused him. His wife is a very sexy redhead mother who always gives him an amazing blowjob every time that he complains.

One day, the warden meets the leader of the gang, Jamal, in order to stop the violence and drugs in his prison and Jamal explain that if he and his officers could have a good white pussy, his gang would stop all violence. Once the warden is about to lose his job, his wife wants to know if she could do something… The warden knows a way!

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