Count Dracula

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Monster Squad: Count Dracula In this episode of Monster Squad "Count Dracula", a gala party gathers members of high society in a fancy penthouse and a mysterious man does not seem to be enjoying that night. He is alone accompanied by a glass and a viscous, strange liquid. Only that red liquid entertains that man, however a gorgeous brunette calls attention to him. That charming man approaches her and takes her arm in order to kiss her hand. He introduces himself, his name is Count Alucard. Her name is Jennifer and the girl is attracted by the Count immediately. Once that party is boring, this is enough for him to invite her to go out to the balcony so as to save his night! Check out more Monster Squad stories. Monster SquadCount Draculacount dracula Click here and see the full story on the official website.

Count Dracula Count Dracula

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