Família Sacana

Campus Police


Interracial: Campus Police

In this interracial cartoon “Campus Police”, the old man Lester and his friend, a fat guy called Barry, check the campus at their night shift every night. Walking through the campus, Barry sniffs a strange smell that comes apparently from a specific bedroom. He and Lester get intrigued so they want to know what is that. Lester decides to open the door in order to find out what is happening behind this door. To their surprise, two girls, wearing only panties and bra, are smoking a cannabis calmly! But that is a strict university so it means expulsion! Seeing a good opportunity, Lester exaggerates and cogitates that the ladies must go to the jail. The blondie knows what men like and brings forward a deal: boobs, nice boobs! The red-haired girl plays along and… more boobs! In fact, to escape from the jail, the girls do anything… and Lester and Barry are going to take advantage of it!