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Burning the midnight oil


Cartoon Porn: Burning the midnight oil

In this cartoon porn “Burning the midnight oil”, Rebecca is working late at night because she knows that her job is very important to be done. But when we want to rush tasks, it is easier to commit mistakes. So Rebecca knows her boss, Mrs. Cooper, will kill her if everything is not ok. Mrs. Cooper calls Rebecca but Rebecca only finished the report because she should also deliver the analysis tonight. Besides that, Rebecca is also thinking about the party that is happening this whole night. Mrs. Cooper wants to review Rebecca’s analysis but Rebecca has not even started yet. So Rebecca’s job is all wrong. Once Rebecca wears a tiny skirt and a low neck blouse, Mrs. Cooper knows what Rebecca is thinking: Rebecca is a slut who will tease the boys at the party. So an apology from Rebecca is not enough, and Mrs. Cooper is going to give a lesson on this childish employee.

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